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January 8, 2021

Do you have Rodent problems?

It might be amusing to view little mice scampering round the pet cage in your home; they seem so tame and even take food from your hand, however, these charming little bushy trailed creatures are actually one of five of the most common pests and can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage if they get into your property or building and make nests or chew through wiring and structures. They will even chew furniture and break your valuable equipment.

When it comes to insurance, some policies cover damage done by rodents in home and business insurance policies. Remarkably enough, few policies cover vermin damage, although most insurance providers would cover subsequent damage if, for example, a fire was started as a result of rodents chewing through a wire.

Some local councils will offer a rodent control service, however as rodent problems tend to be seasonal, when you need help, so does everybody else and waiting times can be considerable. Mice and rats will gnaw through cable televisions and can cause fires, rats will chomp through pipes and can cause flooding, so it’s really essential that you act quickly to get rid of rodents before they begin breeding and the propensity for damage escalates.

When it pertains to finding a pest control company in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, there are some popular companies, such as Rentokil and Flick, but from what our customers have reported, these large companies cannot offer the same level of personal service and because the number of jobs per technician is very high, the work can be rushed and a technician can miss issues.

How to reduce the impact of rodents

In the loft or spare room, clear out unwanted boxes, packing tissue, undesirable cuddly toys and clothing. Rodents can live and breed very quickly in undisturbed and un-used areas of your property.

Seal up holes around pipework, because they like to follow pipes and wiring routes, so try to stop them from getting in.

Moving outside, check that drain covers are in place and in good condition. Eliminate any clutter in your garden, remove composting leaves (rodent heaven) and get rid of woodpiles. Cut back high lawn and weeds that they can hide and shelter in. Don’t compost processed food – this will bring in rodents who then have a tidy comfy home all ready to breed in.

Obviously, because of their larger size, it’s much easier to get rid of rats than mice, so prevention is better than finding a solution before it becomes a problem later on. Do not wait until the roofing collapses!

If you were unfortunate enough to be faced with any rodent problems, then it’s time to call us so that we can take you through the various options we have for rodent control.

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